remembering the incomprehensible

on his travels to japan and poland, peter michael witt visited the most famous sites of mass extermination, auschwitz and hiroshima. in his picture montages „remembering the incomprehensible“, he relates the two places pictorially. he asked himself what one actually sees when standing at these places of remembrance. and how much one actually looks inwards.

„zero“ mounts two views upwards, on the left a filling shaft for cyclone b in crematorium i, on the right a view into the sky exactly at ground zero of the atomic bomb explosion. 
„smoke & bread“ mounts the inscription on a dustbin in the auschwitz museum and on a loaf of bread in a hiroshima bakery.

„zero“ (2022 photo print on dibond, 290 x 97 cm)

„smoke & bread“ (2022 photo print on dibond, 290 x 97 cm)

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