überlegungen zum wesen der kunst (orgon-akkumulator)*

the orgone accumulator is a cabinet-like object developed by the psychoanalyst wilhelm reich in the 1930s and 1940s, which is supposed to be able to accumulate the omnipresent life energy discovered by reich and called „orgon“ by him, so that it becomes perceptible and can be used for mental and physical healing processes. the accumulation is brought about by the sandwich-like structure of the walls, in which organic and inorganic material alternate. 
at the installation in the kulturverein damenundherren e.v. on the occasion of the night of the museums 2010 in düsseldorf there was no artist. there was only an object in an environment that can turn objects into an artistic object. so the question could arise whether the presented orgone accumulator is art, since it is in an environment that induces art. or is it not art, although it fulfils some possible functions of art (psychological, religious-esoteric, aesthetic, political). in order to be able to see these questions clearly standing in the space, the object was installed in such a way that nothing distracted from its „aura“. that is: white space, only the accumulator, nothing else. 
references to josef beuy’s work on energy storage, tension and creativity as well as to spaces and sculptures by gregor schneider are as obvious as they are possibly far-fetched.
a documentation and individual confrontations (aesthetic, psycho-political, art-theoretical, scientific, historical or otherwise) took place in a room at the back and directly to the left of the entrance. a short performance introduced the life, thought and work of wilhelm reich and the idea of conceptual purity. at 11 pm a „moo/r/gon concert for four synthesizers“ with electronic musicians from düsseldorf was scheduled at the opening.

workers: norbert deptolla, tanja müller, tees teesinger, peter michael witt

reflections on the nature of art (orgone accumulator)

„concealment or the hell of expectation“ 
video shown as part of the exhibition and providing information on wilhelm reich.

exhibition set-up and vernissage                                                                                                                                                                  photos: norbert deptolla

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