"the end of postmodernism - illustrated by 6 portraits of postmodern authors"

postmodernism was and is a reactionary project. its advantages (greater freedom of thought and design) do not outweigh its disadvantages (greater singularisation, arbitrariness). it is a failed reaction within modernity to modernity. it has led to an incomprehensible softening of presuppositions of thought (categories, logic, etc.), to the replacement of the intellectual discipline of science by the loquacity of poetry, to

indifference to elementary questions of justice and power in politics, and to cultural arbitrariness and irresponsibility.   
the second work on this topic „the end of postmodernism – illustrated by 6 portraits“ (slavoj žižek, judith butler, gilles deleuze, jean-françois lyotard, carlos castaneda, paul feyerabend) takes up the untrue claim of poststructuralists that the world is text. 

installation view

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