keine kunst

in 2007, the creative collective uneins invited local creative artists to present their work in the fields of video, fashion, illustration, painting, object and music from 21 July to 4 August at the düsseldorf kulturverein damenundherren. 
with a molotov cocktail labelled „keine kunst“ („no art“), peter michael witt questions marcel duchamp’s thesis of the end of art and seems to confirm it. the object thereby raises further questions: Is this really a molotov cocktail? (btw, yes, it would work.) what art is still provocative today and does it even need to be? does art that is consumed as art become non-art through consumption? Is this art because it is not art? Or is it not art because the label should not be taken ironically? (not everything is postmodern in postmodern art.)

„keine kunst“ 
bottle, gasoline, petrolium, matches, paper, tape, wire 

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