during the night of the museums 2012, the kulturverein damenundherren invited visitors to a cake smash. the idea for this performance installation was developed by peter michael witt together with the association members ran aloofi, darko floreani and gisbert könnecke. they wanted to actively involve the night-of-the-museums audience in the event and take the art hype for a ride. for three euros, visitors could buy a cake and throw it on the cake wall. jörg immendorf as a „dead artist“, markus lüpertz as a „painter prince“, andreas gursky as an „illusion artist“ and rosemarie trockel as a „quota artist“ were exposed. the spot „no artist“ offered everyone the opportunity to hold out their own copy as a cake target. the only one who showed courage at this point was andreas van der wingen from kiesgroup. by the way, the cakes were sold out in no time.

* artists funfair

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video: max hoffs

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