credit: christian ahlborn

rhein consist of johannes rix (synth) from cologne and jürgen krause (virtual instruments) and peter michael witt (guitar & virtual fx) from düsseldorf. previously, jürgen krause and johannes rix had presented their album „this first day“ under the name fern on the internet label autoplate in 2006, which attracted the attention of critics and the public. in 2009, peter michael witt joined them, together they formed the band rhein. they played live (e.g. at barinton in cologne, salon des amateurs in düsseldorf) and refined the sound in their studio. a first album was published in 2011 as digital album at bandcamp. their

collaboration culminated in the release of the lp „takes“ on hauch records in 2018. former cologne-based dj lena willikens played excerpts from this album on her monthly show „lightning conductor“ on nts in the episode of 25.07.2018, and also the track „verlauf“ from the second lp „spiel“ in the episode of 14.10.2020. this second lp „spiel“ was released on 8.10.2020, accompanied by the single „eröffnung“. at the same time, the cassette „300_1“ with the single „fünf“ was released.


music videos

copyrights: video 1, 2, 3: peter michael witt, video 4: kim collmer