current project: #6million

with my current media art project #6million, i would like to try to visualise the incomprehensibility of the holocaust and thereby inherently question the cognitive consequences of media technology mediation for our memory work.

the idea at the moment is a media installation with 6 million different, photo-realistic, digital-virtual portraits, created by an ai, although i am still very undecided about the right form of contextualisation. if an installation in a real place is not possible, the project will be carried out online. the web spaces „www.6million.eu“ and „www.6millionen.de“ are already reserved for this purpose.

the implementation preparation of the project should be completed by the end of the year at the latest.

since the topic is very sensitive, i had a conversation last week with two art historians, my friend dr. emmanuel mir and his colleague dr. inna goudz, director at the nrw regional office of the central council of jews in germany. both had concerns about the artistic statement and quality of the prospected work, concerns that i could partly understand. inna objected above all that it was questionable, actually incomprehensible, to want to represent 6 million real dead people through virtual images. emmanuel wondered whether the project was not actually an educational rather than an artistic work.

thank you both for your clear criticism. and i must admit that it gave me a lot to think about.

ai generared portait

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