remixes oonard „1972“

in the beginning – there was improvisation: at a rehearsal in the early 10s of the band rhein, they once tried to improvise krautrock. jo rix and peter michael witt played the same instruments as always – synthesizer and electric guitar – jürgen krause switched to bass guitar, the beat was set by a simple 4/4 rhythm from an ableton drum machine. the session, which lasted about 30 minutes, was recorded. 
the sequel – was a first remix: in 2022, the dusseldorf based musician oonard tried to produce a remix from this material that should reflect the time of krautrock and sound as authentic as possible. the essential element of this was the creation and programming of a drum track and a reworking of the sound in the direction of a wound-up cassette recorder recording. title: 1972.
further sequels – the head of the hauch records label paul-christian erntges had the idea of remixing this remix further and invited musician friends to try their hand at it. and so, by spring 2023, bob humid, boris polonski, copper beach, doon ra, fumanschu, once again oonard, pondskater, tg mauss and yürke delivered their responses to paul’s request: a mostly psychedelic trip through various styles and positions of the artists associated with hauch records.

listen and buy on bandcamp: https://hauch-records.bandcamp.com/album/1972

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